Check 1. Koubideh (Ground Beef Kabob) ( $8 )
      One strip of charbroiled kabob style ground beef served with grilled tomatoes.

Check 2. Barg ( $12 )
      Juicy strips of charbroiled beef rib eye, Served with grilled tomatoes.

Check 3. Chengeh ( $12 )
      Petite juicy chunks of charbroiled beef rib eye, served with grilled tomatoes, green peppers and onion.

Check 4. Shishleek ( $16 )
      Medallions of charbroiled choice rib eye served with grilled tomatoes, green peppers and onions.

Check 5. Shirazi Beef Tenderloin ( $16 )
      Beef ,medallions sauteed and topped with mushrooms, shrimp & cognac cream sauce. Served with scalloped potatoes and fresh vegetables.



Check 6. Yadi’s Favorite ( $12 )
      Chicken scallopini lightly crusted with spicy bread crumbs, sauteed and topped with fresh tomatoes, capers and white wine butter sauce.

Check 7. Chicken Koubideh ( $8 )
      One skewer of Charbroiled ground chicken breast, served with grilled tomatoes.

Check 8. Chicken Barg ( $11 )
      Juicy strips of charbroiled chicken breast, served with grilled vegetables.

Check 9. Boneless Chicken ( $11 )
      One skewer of charbroiled boneless chicken breast, marinated in lemon juice and saffron.

Check 10. Blackened Chicken ( $12 )
      Marinated breast of chicken, simmered with mushrooms and green beans.

Check 11. Quail ( $12 )
      Two juicy charbroiled and marinated quails.

Check 12. Sauteed Chicken ( $12 )
      Breast of chicken pan fried, served with angel hair pasta, olive oil and garlic, topped with shrimp, artichoke hearts, mushrooms and lemon butter sauce.

Check 13. Chicken Laforet ( $12 )
      Grilled chicken scallopini with crawfish, mushrooms and sweet jalapeno sauce over creamy dill rice.




Check 14. Lamb Shish Kabob ( $12 )
      Juicy chunks of charbroiled tenderloin, served with grilled vegetables.

Check 15. Shandeez Kabob (Lamb Chops) ( $29 )
      Lamb chops, marinated and charbroiled. Served with grilled vegetables.



Check 16. Gheimeh ( Tomato Stew ) ( $9 )
      Persian style stew, tomato based with small chunks of beef, yellow split peas and topped with fried potatoes.

Check 17. Gheimeh Bademjan ( $10 )
      Persian style tomato based stew with chunks of beef and eggplant, simmered to perfection.

Check 18. Sabzi ( Vegetable Stew ) ( $10 )
      Fresh chopped vegetables (Spinach, leeks, parsley, green onions and cilantro), chunks of beef, kidney beans and dried limes.



Check 19. Fish Kabob ( $12 )
      Charbroiled pieces of marinated fresh red snapper, served with grilled vegtables and Persian dill rice.

Check 20. Shrimp Kabob ( $12 )
      Charbroiled and marinated jumbo shrimp, served with grilled vegtables and dill rice.



Check 21. Garson's Favorite ( $11 )
      Fettuchini tossed with grilled chicken, smoked sausage and chive cream sauce.

Check 22. Classic Pesto Pasta ( $13 )
      Fettuchini tossed with shrimp, chicken, artichoke hearts and pesto cream sauce.